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Larrakia (Darwin) Legal History and Cultural Tour

All aboard!  Take a journey through Larrakia country and share culture and the legal history. 

As an exciting development we are in a position to offer a further event  as an optional extra to the conference; a 3.5 hour Larrakia/ Darwin Legal History and Cultural Tour commencing at 12pm on Tuesday 28 June 2022 prior to our registration and cocktail party.

Senior leaders and key speakers will present the Larrakia / Darwin Legal History and Cultural Tour as an immersive experience into the criminal and legal history of Darwin.

This is the first tour of this kind where the primacy of Aboriginal voice is the foundation and where expert Larrakia historical and law perspectives are incorporated and shared.  These voices will speak directly to the historical accounts and will share context of how history shapes the present. 

The system of Aboriginal law is verbal, and so it is only through direct engagement and the practice of deep listening where a sense of true justice can be heard.  There can be particular insights and value gained as a result of direct engagement.  This format of learning sets the context.

The tour is an immersive experience closely connected to place.  It is Aboriginal-led and directed and presents as a unique legal educational and continuous learning opportunity, facilitated by:

  • Richie Fejo and James Parfitt (Fejo) leading the Larrakia perspectives of sites across Darwin and hosting the saltwater welcoming ceremony.

  • Don Christophersen presenting on how kinship systems are impacted by legal processes and speaking to the history of Darwin with a focus on criminal legal events.

  • John Rawnsley providing an overview of the legal history of Darwin and how this shapes the contemporary context.


This event will be at an additional $200 and includes bus hire, lunch/bush tucker and will be  limited to only 50 or 100 places (depending on response - 1 or 2 buses)

This tour is organised as part of the broader vision for the True Justice: Deep Listening work.

A link will be provided shortly, come back to purchase your ticket

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